Dear client,

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our company will be taking measures to ensure the safety of our employees and clients.

Please note that there will be no service interruption.

We are rallying behind the President’s announcement on business taking initiative to mitigate the spread of the virus including allowing our employees to work from home.

We plan to mitigate the spread of virus as follows:

  • All employees will be working from home and we will be using our GSuite Collaboration tools to continue to serve you.
  • All our employees working from our office are provided with a mask & sanitising utilities.
  • We will not be allowing any clients walk-ins to our offices until further notice.
  • All client meetings will be conducted via Google Hangouts / Skype / Telephone /WhatsApp Group.
  • We will not be accepting or attending any meetings at clients premises or covering any social media event until further notice.
  • We will only accept telephone / email / WhatsApp Group / video conference support from all clients.
  • All support must be emailed to support at jorencommunications dot co dot za
  • Clients with WhatsApp groups with our teams are encouraged to continue to use the channel for support.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to personally contact on my mobile phone.

Thank you. Regards.

Rendani Nevhulaudzi